Monday, 2 July 2012

Goodwins theory - hip hop

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  1. A good start. The following pointers will help you develop this further (any changes by 31st July please).
    1) For each section of Goodwin's theory try to refer to another video too to show a really wide rang of products have been used;
    2) In each section try to use technical terms (such as referring to a specific editing technique which has been used, a camera angle, a camera movement, mise-en-scene etc).
    3) Could you embed the videos themselves into your Prezi?
    4) Intertextual references - go on then, give examples! I'll give you a hint - look at the Japanese anime 'Akira' and that 'Stronger' and where is it referred to?
    5) Add in a concluding section where you summarise the conventions of a hop hop video.