Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rules of Digipak

From researching pop artists digipaks, since there are more women artists in pop than in any other genre, it is quite easy to find digipaks that are going to be similar to my digipak.

These are examples of the digipaks which are going to be similar to mine.

Rihanna's digipak is really feminine and about love as represented by the roses in the digipak and the colours of bright red and pink so it appeals to the target audience of female teenagers which is the same audience that I'm going to be appealing to for my digipak so it helps to appeal to the audience in a similar way.

CD sales

CD sales have been falling over the last five years because of digital downloads and also illegal downloading even though CDs contribute to most of market sales.



Shooting Schedule

The shooting schedule for my first draft was in the Christmas holidays so that there was more time to be able to complete shooting and it was a time where everything was organised, such as the mise-en-scene so that we would be able to shoot the music videos.